Welcome to Runner's High Herbals!  We are so honored to have been chosen for your muscle recovery and skin care needs.

It's been said that behind every great idea is a great story.  Well, here's ours...

We are Adam and Andrea Danks, the husband and wife team 100% behind Runner's High Herbals!  We met under the most unlikely of circumstances; fell in love immediately and were married soon after.  Runner's High Herbals was created out of a desire to use our dynamic partnership to help people heal and achieve at their highest level, whatever their pursuit!

Andrea is a Registered Nurse, herbalist, avid hiker, and outdoor enthusiast who has been making & using plant medicine for years.

Adam is a long-time runner, competing in races from 5K up to 100 miles. Primarily a trail lover, he is always pursuing lofty goals and striving for excellence in physical endurance on any surface and at any distance.

Focusing on a holistic approach to health is imperative for an ultra trail runner (the little things make a BIG difference)!  A very important piece of that includes listening to your body and treating little aches and pains that come up on a daily basis. In November 2017, after a particularly difficult training block, Andrea decided to put her herbal remedies to good use in providing the healing Adam needed.

We were looking for an alternative method of fighting the inflammation, muscle soreness and the toll of overuse that just naturally comes with long days on the trails.  Ibuprofen and other conventional methods of pain relief came with too many adverse side effects.

That's when the idea to harness the power of the Arizona piñon pines in the form of a topical salve was formed!

Why piñon you ask?  Great question!  It just so happens that the region of Arizona that hosts year-round great trails and decent elevation is known as the Juniper-Piñon Belt.  Andrea, knowing the medicinal benefits of piñon trees, began harvesting the pitch.  In combining this robust, aromatic sap with other botanicals and essential oils, she discovered a soothing salve that tamed the beast and quickly provided Adam with the potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties he was looking for.

Since then, we have personally benefited from using our salves to:

  • massage into muscles, both before and after physical activity
  • stimulate circulation
  • soothe and heal bruising
  • strengthen, protect and prepare the body for hard physical exertion
  • repair tired and overworked muscles, joints and tendons
  • reduce inflammation and relieve pain and swelling

You see now why we had to share these wonderful products with you, our like-minded tribe!  And, of course, we consider Runner's High salves a must-have in the medicine cabinet of all endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts (and basically anyone who has or will suffer from pain)!

Join us on the trail to optimal health and performance!

Gear up & catch the high!

Stay connected with us on Instagram @runnershighherbals, and follow along as the story continues to unfold...