Our products are formulated especially for endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts!

At Runner's High Herbals, we offer only the highest quality skin-nourishing + pain-relieving + anti-inflammatory therapies to give you the ultimate in staying power.


At Runner’s High Herbals, we like to keep it wild!! The herbal remedies we’ve created are rooted in a natural medium of handcrafted Piñon oil!

Wild Piñon trees dot the landscape of the high desert in Arizona and produce a highly medicinal pitch used for centuries by indigenous peoples who inhabited the area.

Harvesting on the Mogollon Rim and South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we catch the wild so you can catch the high!


All the ingredients we use are wild-harvested (in a sustainable manner) and/or organic; and free of GMOs, gluten, synthetic perfumes and dyes, parabens, and un-natural preservatives.

Everything we produce is artisanal and carefully handmade with oils, plant materials, herbs, botanicals, beeswax, and/or essential oils.


Being endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we were looking for something just as rugged as our lifestyle. We needed robust ingredients to keep our tried and tested bodies going!

From the high mountains to the low desert of Arizona...we found it all in nature, and have crafted these exceptional products that we use and believe in!

So no matter the sport or adventure you choose...we’re here to help you catch the high!